West Facing House Vastu- in a Nutshell as per Vastu Experts

Among the 4 prime direction orientations, the West Facing House Vastu is considered as the least favoured choice when people see out potential property for themselves.

It happens because of the misconception that revolves around such a property. It is wrongly assumed that West Facing House Vastu must never be consider, unless you cannot find any north, east or south facing properties.

Today, we will explore all about West Facing House Vastu, its features and suitability, all explained by eminent vastu expert in Kolkata, Mr. Pinaki Pal.

How to Determine West Facing House Accurately?

Before understanding everything else, it is crucial to be absolutely certain as to what is implied by having a West Facing House Vastu.

It is extremely crucial to be certain that a property is marked West Facing House Vastu accurately. Many people often assume that if the house faces towards the setting sun, then they have an west facing home.

However, vastu experts suggest against it. The setting sun is not pointing towards the actual west, as it goes around the sun throughout the year. In fact you get the actual west direction only 2 days a year.  Thus, you need to use a magnetic compass for the most accurate answer.

A magnetic compass always points towards exact north without any error. Thus, it can be used to determine the other 3 directions without any error as well.

So, mark the direction towards which you face, while going out of the house through the main door. If it happens to be the west direction for you, then you have a West Facing House Vastu.

Is West Facing House Bad for You?

There are numerous real estate agents and property advertisements that spread myths that West Facing House Vastu are not as good as the other orientations. Many people fall in trap of such misconceptions.

As a result many such individuals agree to pay a huge difference for other properties even if a West Facing House Vastu is available at more economical price.

To make sure such things does not happen to you, you need to understand the truth about the west facing properties. Our vastu expert is here to help in this regards.

The misconception about West Facing House Vastu is that it brings ill-fate for its occupants and hence it must be avoided unless there is no alternative.

It is assumed because the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Thus, west represent darkness and west oriented property causes harm.

However, it is far from the truth. As per vastu experts in Kolkata, every direction is unique, having its significance and are equally auspicious. As long as you follow the vastu rule, West Facing House Vastu is as good as any other.

Beside the west facing homes gets plenty of sunlight as well, during the second half of the day, which is from later afternoon to sunset. When the home receives sunlight, it gets enriched with the goodness of it.

Is West Facing House Good for Everyone?

No, it is definitely not. The west zone has many features that can affect the vastu. Even though a property is auspicious for some, it may be not recommended for many others.

It is crucial that the compatibility of the home and its occupants is good for it to be auspicious for them. This depends upon numerous factors both of the vastu and the occupants. This mostly refers to the nature of job, astrology and particular needs of the individuals.

Thus, before getting the West Facing House Vastu, it is very crucial to seek evaluation from an expert vastu consultant. Only they can offer the ideal guidance in this regard.

The Significance of the Suitable Vastu Perfect Layout for West Facing House

Even though the directional facing of a home is a very crucial aspect, it is not the only one that affects the overall vastu of the property.

To make sure that the vastu is suitable, you have to come up with a vastu compliant floor plan for the West Facing House Vastu.

It refers to the suitable placement of the various rooms in the house, like bedroom, children’s room, bathroom, guest room, water tank, living room, septic tank, puja room, garden, staircase, main door entrance. It is important that these rooms are placed as per vastu rules.

When the home is built as per vastu, it makes perfect balance with the elements of the nature, the panchatatva. It refers to the 5 primordial elements that construct the world and include air, water, earth, fire and space.

Now let us take a look at the ideal vastu guidance for the West Facing House Vastu

Main Gate Vastu for in West Facing House

The main entrance acts as the threshold and thus, is the most vital point of the home. It facilitates the entry of all the energies that flows throughout the house.

A West Facing House Vastu must have its main door in the west side, but where exactly? Well, this requires the understanding of pada.

Each side is further divided into 8 padas. From top to bottom, these are called Pitra, Dauvarika, Sugriva, Pushpdanta varuna, Asura, Sosa, Papayaksma. Just like the direction, they each have its own deity and set of features.

When you place the main door in some pada, it yields the benfits and characteristics of the same. Some padas bring good result, while some padas are neutral in natural. Some pads can bring severe ill-fates as well.

Thus, you need to seek expert guidance to determine the ideal main door vastu. For West Facing House Vastu, the 3rd and 4th padas, namely Sugriva and Pushpdanta are considered as best.

When the main door is placed in this position, it brings positive energies and brings huge financial gain. It is considered best to avoid using the remaining padas for the main door. Particularly, avoid the 1st and 8th pada as it has been found to trigger financial loss.

Placement of Bedroom in West Facing House

We usually have 3 bedrooms in the house; master bedroom for the parents or married couple; children’s room and guest room.

Each of this signifies something special and thus, they all must be placed accordingly in a West Facing House Vastu.

Good bedroom vastu help you get peaceful and restful sleep and relaxation your body and mind needs to perform the everyday tasks.

You need to place the master bedroom in the south west corner of the west facing house. If yours is a multi-floored house, you need to place the master bedroom in the top most floor itself, in the south west zone.

For the children’s room, the most suitable zones are south, west or north-west. These orientations are highly helpful to get positive energy during the sleep. If you implement the same from an early age itself, you will find it offers shaping good future for the children.

The guest room or the second bedroom can be positioned in the north-west corner of the house.

Vastu for Puja Room in West Facing House

Every house must have a puja room to offer prayers to the deity. The right vastu of the puja room can help you channel all the divine energies around you and make the prayers more fulfilling.

For the West Facing House Vastu, the rule for the temple is same as other orientation. Place the temple in the north-east direction as it is the most energized zone.

In case, in your home you don’t have any separate puja room, you can place the living room in the north west zone and place the temple or puja stand in the north east zone. Make sure that the temple area stays clean and free of cluttering.

Placement of the Kitchen in West Facing House

Kitchen area is of utmost importance. It represents the element fire of the panchatatva and also represents nutrition and good health.

To ensure good West Facing House Vastu, place the kitchen in the south-east corner. This zone represents fire and thus, creates the perfect balance.

If yours is a multi-storied house, you must ensure to avoid placing the bathroom, master bedroom, or the puja room directly under or over the kitchen

Now, its time to list out some basic vastu guidance most crucial for West Facing House Vastu, followed by listing out the vastu mistakes to watch out for.

We will begin with the vastu guidance that uplifts the West Facing House

  • Always use a magnetic compass to determine the actual west facing vastu.
  • Place the main door of the house in only 3rd or 4th padas to ensure good vastu.
  • Build the South and West boundary walls bit thicker and higher than the ones on the East and North side boundary walls.
  • To ensure good kitchen vastu, Place it either in the South east zone of the house, followed by the north west zone.
  • For good vastu of the master bedroom, place it in the South West zone. Situate it on the top floor, if the house is multifloored.\
  • Allocate the north east zone for the placement of the living room and Pooja room, as it brings very auspicious results.
  • In case there is no separate puja room, you can place the temple in the living room in the north east corner.
  • For good children’s room vastu, place it either in South, West or North-West direction.
  • In case the plot is inclined, ensure that the slope is from South to North.

Now let us make a list of the vastu mistakes that must avoid for a West Facing House Vastu.

  • Never determine the actual west facing orientation with the reference of the setting sun.\
  • Do no place the main door, randomly on the padas not advice vastu wise. If needed reach out to vastu expert for consultation.
  • Never purchase any plot if it is sloped from north to south. Doing so can lead towards huge financial losses and cause debt.
  • Do not purchase a West Facing House Vastu, if it has a cut or long extension in the south west or south direction.
  • Avoid placing an underground water tank or septic tank in the south west corner of the property.
  • Do not place the kitchen in South West zone of the house.
  • Never place the bed under any beam or in a way that the feet points towards the bedroom door.
  • Never place the temple and bathroom right next to each other. Doing so can disturb the energy field of the area.
  • Do not get a property whose main entrance is blocked by any large object like a tree, electric pole etc. If it does, seek vastu suggestion.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are numerous other factors that need vastu analysis. These includes, the placement details of staircase, septic tanks, garden, water tanks, bed, kitchen oven and so on.

In case you are about to make a dream home, you can get in touch with a vastu expert, and avail a detailed analysis of your West Facing House Vastu.

In case you live in a rented house or a flat, you cannot make any major changes. So, your best shot is to get the vastu remedies that require no structural alteration.

Thankfully, at Vaastu Mangaal, you can get expertise from vastu exert Mr. Pinaki Pal. He is well known for offering effective and simple vastu tips that requires no demolition of the West Facing House property.

To avail the same, get in touch with him, at Vaastu Mangaal. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends, family and loved ones.

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