Expert Vastu Consultant Offers The Best Vastu for Your Home

Irrespective of size and level of luxury in it, our home is the only place in the earth, we desire to go after a tiring day. Indeed, the comfort of home can be found nowhere else.

With timely vastu for home can make sure that apart from comfort, your home can also provide the right environment to have domestic bliss, good health, financial stability, bright future of children and so on.

The vastu for house depends upon number of aspects of the home, such as its main door vastu, floor plan, placement of each room, placement of furnishing inside the home (for instance, placement of bed, kitchen oven, mirrors), using suitable colors in the interiors and exteriors and so on.

So, lets list out the ideal arrangement of the home that ensures auspicious vastu for home.

Main Door Vastu of the Home

The main entrance of the house is the primary portal through which the energies enters inside. A good vastu for home is determined by 2 things- the directional facing of the main door and the placement in suitable pada.
The direction you face as you walk out of the house through the main door is the directional facing. The most suitable orientation for the same are considered as north, east and north east.
The padas are the segment in each direction. each of them has its unique feature and influence the vastu for house. you need to place the main door in the pada which is most beneficial, as per your directional facing. You need expert vastu advice to determine the same.

Placement of Bedrooms of the House

Vastu for house, includes 3 bedroom- Master bedroom, children’s room and guest room:

  •  Placement of Master Bedroom:

You get peaceful sleep in the bedroom and acquire energy to carry out everyday tasks. For best result, you need to place the master bedroom in the zone of south-west. The second-best option can be west zone; followed by north and then south.

  • Placement of Children’s Room:

Good vastu for kid’s room is very crucial to make sure of healthy body, sound mind and concentration for academics, among children. The best orientation for it is in the north zone, followed by west zone of the house. These 2 prime directions have been found helpful to perform better in academics.
Make sure to avoid placing the same in the south zone.

  • Placement of Guest Bedroom:

In case you have a guest room, try to place it in the north west corner. As the second option, you can also pick north east corner. In Hindu traditions, guests are equivalent to god. So, by improving their comfort in your home, brings prosperity for your family and uplifts the vastu for house.

Placement of Puja Room

Every home; big mansion or small flat; should have a puja room to offer prayer to their deities. As per vastu shastra, north east is the most auspicious direction for the same, as it is the zone of lord Shiva. Thus, it helps to connect with the divinity more effectively. If it is not available, you can pick the west zone as second-best option.
If your place does not have a separate puja room, you can place your temple in the above-mentioned zones of the house, preferably in living room and bedroom. It will offer same benefits to the vastu for flat.

Placement of Kitchen

Kitchen represents food and nutrition. Together, they satiate hunger and offers protection against illnesses. Also, it represents fire, an important element of nature. Its proper placement is highly critical for good vastu for home.
The best direction for the same is the south of south east (SSE), followed by west zone of the house.

Placement of the Bathroom and Toilet

Bathroom and toilet accumulate negative water force. Thus, its ideal vastu is very crucial. Failing to do so can trigger many defects in the vastu of flat.
For best result, place them in south of south west (SSW), followed by west of north west (WNW), and east of south east (ESE).

Placement of the Septic Tank

Just like the bathroom and toilet, septic tank also stores negative water energies. Thus, its suitable placement and deposal is quite crucial.
For best vastu for house, place the same in the South of south west (SSW) zone of the plot. If not available, you can place it in the directions of the bathroom as well.

Placement of Living Room

The living room signifies many important aspects in our lives and in determining the overall vastu of house. We enjoy quality time with our family in this space. We also interact with our guests in this zone. So, to improvise the bonding and socializing that this space offers, place it in the east of north east (ENE) zone.
If it is not available, then pick the north-east zone for the same.

Placement of Water Tanks

There are 2 kinds of water tanks in the market. Namely the underground water tank, and overhead water tank. Their type determines the suitable zones for its placement.  Underground water tanks represent the water element and thus it is best to place them in zones- north, north east and north west for best vastu for home.
Overhead water tanks represent the earth element and thus it is best to place them in the south-west zone. The second-best option for it is the west zone, followed by south.
Apart from the same, you can also seek vastu guidance for placement of the garage, parking lot, garden or other aspects of vastu for house.

Placement of the Staircase

The vastu for staircase includes 2 factors, the direction of its placement and orientation of its projection, i.e. clockwise or counter clockwise. For ensuring best vastu for home, positioning the same in South west zone.
In case it is not available, you can place the staircase in any other zone, expect north east corner.

Placement of the Dining Hall

Many flats offer a combined dining and living room. But in case you have a separate dining hall, you can place it in the West zone for best vastu for flat.
If it is unavailable, you can also consider the zones east as well, followed by south and then north. But remember to avoid south west zone completely.

Placement of Study Room

In many luxury flats, you can find a separate study room, to carry out job- or business-related activities or to study without any distraction. To ensure good vastu for flat, place the same in either west of south west (WSW), or north west zones.

Placement of Store Room

Store room comes handy to keep our excess items packed inside our home. The ones we use once in a while; like winterwears, puja utensils, excess baggage, etc; can be stored in this space. It is recommended to place it in the north west for best vastu for flat.
If not available, it can be placed in pretty much any section of the house, expect the northeast zone. Cluttering in this zone is a vatu defect. Also try to get rid of the items that are no longer in use.

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