Vastu Consultant Explains All You Need to Know About Vastu For Factory!

Whenever we hear the term ‘vastu shastra’ the first thing that comes into mind is that it is must-have for a residential property. However, you must consider getting vastu for factory as well, if you are associated with any such manufacturing unit.
Today, we will explore the significance of vastu for factory, its role in determining the overall success of any business and also the aspects that is coved under the same. So, let us begin.

Significance of Vastu for Factory

Vastu shastra is ancient, Indian studies that make sure that the architecture of any building makes alliance with the elements of cosmic world. These are air, fire, water, earth and space. Together they are called as panchatatva.
The things we find around us, represents either of these primordial element in some way. Thus, it is crucial to make a building in such a way that it creates perfect balance of all these elements.
This must be followed for any kind of building, residential or commercial. So, when you follow the vastu for factory, it makes sure it offers a constructive environment for the business to flourish.

How Exactly Vastu for Factory Affects the Business Prosperity?

The production units are thriving profoundly in all around the globe. All thanks to the globalization and commercialization. But you will certainly find that the story is very different for different factories.
While some units are running smoothly and making good profits, many are forced to close down. People might wonder why that happens. The success or failure depends upon several factors.
These are availability of good quality raw materials, getting sufficient order, having good productivity rate, good production quality, having proper machinery function and timely dispatch and selling, harmony among workers and management, fewer accidents etc.
When they work out perfectly, they bring profit to the business. Similarly, when they don’t work out well, they trigger vastu defects in vastu for factory and as a result it brings lots of trouble for the business.

What Aspects are Covered by Experts in Vastu for Factory?

Just like the vastu for home, the vastu for factory too includes determining several factors. We will list them out and offer vastu guidelines associated with them.

  • The Factory Vastu Guidelines

Before exploring the factory building and its interiors, it is crucial to overview the factory plot first. This includes monitoring the shape, slope and area of the plot.
Vastu experts recommend having a plot that is either square or rectangle in shape to ensure good vastu for factory . Try to avoid any plot that is irregular in shape, or have any expention or cut in random direction.
The slop and its inclination is crucial as well, because it determines the location of wet and dry zone of the factory. Make sure the slope in towards the north for good vastu.

  • Location of the Factory Building and Compound Walls

Unlike residential properties, you must keep considerable space all around the factory building inside the compound. You need to place the factory building such that it leaves space for corridor, parking space, logistic vehicles and so on.
For best vastu for factory, place the factory building on east, north, or north east zone of the compound.
The compound walls also play a crucial role in the same. Seek out vastu consultant regarding the same. You might need to make some side walls higher or thicker than the other sides.
Also note that the West and South side compound are considered as auspicious, they must not be left vacant.

  • Main Gate Vastu Guidelines for Factory

The main gate offers the entry passage to most of the energies that goes inside the factory compound. Always position the main gate it in the eastern wall of the factory compound.
Usually factories have more than one gate. Make sure the main gate is bigger and more prominent as compared to others. Also encourage the staff to use them most often than others.
Seek vastu guidance for placement of them all to ensure good vastu for factory.

  • Placement of the Administrative Office

Having an administrative office is very crucial to overview progress and carries out paper work. To ensure these function goes smoothly, place the office in either North or East sides of the factory compound. Locate the work station accordingly so that they the manager faces towards either North or East while carrying out their work.

  • Segregation and Placement of Store Houses

Having store house is compulsory for every factory. You must never stack raw material and finished goods in a single store house. Keep separate store houses for each of them.
To store raw materiel until its procession in the South, west or South-west zones of the compound. Whereas store the finished goods until is is dispatched in the North-west zone of the factory campus.
Doing so will enhance the vastu for factory, by providing much smother operation and quick dispatch and profitable sales.

  • Establishing a Temple Placement Inside the Factory

No matter the size and type of business, each factory should have a temple in their campus. For best result, position the same in the North East zone of the factory. As it is the zone of Lord Shiva, it will bring the blessings of the divine deity.
To enhance the vastu for factory, adapt the habit of offering routine prayer and keep the place clutter free and well lit. It will attract positive energies.

  • Maintenance and Repair Workshop in the Factory

Factory machineries require maintenance and repair routinely. To ensure these goes n smoothly, you need to pay attention to the vastu of the maintenance shed as well.
For best result, position the workshop in South zone, particularly the South West corner of the factory compound.
Also, remember that placing them in the zones of North East and Central zone is highly advised against. Doing so can bring severe ill-effects for the maintenance work.

  • Guidelines on the Heating Equipment and Machinery

Every factory requires and uses variety of machinery and equipment. This are broadly classified as heating equipment and other machineries.
It is crucial to keep them as per vastu rules, because most accidents that occur in a factory are related to such equipment. Also good vastu minimizes the chances of machinery breakdown. As a result, the work can go more smoothly and effectively.
Now let us discuss the vastu guidelines for each of them. Heating equipment includes any such machinery that can withstand high heat. These include, generators, transformers, invertors, boilers, furnace and so on.
For best vastu for factory you must be kept in South East zone of the factory. This is the zone of fire and thus makes perfect balance within the vastu.
The other machineries include any sort of equipment, which does not fall under heating equipment. For both light and heavy machinery, placing them in either north or east zones of the factory is recommended.
Never situate them in north east, north west or south west zones, as they bring ill-effects for the vastu for factory.

  • Placement of Toilets and Water Tanks of the Factory

Having a toilet complex is crucial for every factory for obvious reasons. To ensure the negative energy of the bathroom does not pollute the factory vastu, place them in the South East direction.
To ensure good vastu; locate the septic tank either in between north and NE or between east and SE.
Vastu for factory also include the water tank vastu of the factory. For best result, place the underground water tanks in the North zones of the campus. It includes, actual north, north east and north west.
For the overhead water tank, place the same in the South West zone of the campus.

What Else Should You Watch out for Vastu for Factory?

Apart from these above-mentioned aspects; you also need to pay attention to the some other factors. We are listing some of them in the following section-

  • Place the staff quarters in either South East or North West corner of the factory compound.
  • Allocate the north or east zone of the campus to make a garden, lawn or other landscape.
  • Keep the factory compound clean and clutter free, especially in the North East zone to have good vastu for factory.
  • Place a guard room in either North West or South East zones to ensure best security.
  • Assign space for the parking lot for staffs, and logistics vehicles in either North West or North East of the factory. However, try to park only light vehicles in the north east corner. This includes cycle, scooters and bikes.
  • Pay attention to the placement of beams, work stations, basement, doors, windows and factory shutters, staircase etc.
  • Follow vastu guidelines while placing kitchen, pantry, water stations, AC, mike system, fire extinguisher system and so on.

In a nutshell- 10 Do’s and don’ts of Vastu for Factory

To help you remember the vastu for factory guidelines, we are going to list out the 10 most basic and crucial Do’s and Don’ts.

10 Guidelines of Vastu for Factory to follow-

  • Ensure good vastu of the factory by overviewing the area, size and slope of the factory plot.
  • Place the factory in either North, East and North-east zone of the factory area. Doing so will bring good profit to the business.
  • Place the factory main gate on the East wall compound.
  • Position administrative office either on North or East zone in the factory.
  • Separate the raw material store house and the finished goods store house.
  • Position the raw material storehouse in the South, South-west, or West zone. Similarly, position the finished goods storehouse the North-west zone.
  • Make a temple inside the factory campus, in the North East zone to uplift vastu for factory.
  • Locate the maintenance shed in either South or South West zones of the factory.
  • Keep all the heating equipment in the zone of fire, which is in the South East zone of the factory.
  • Place the other machineries in either east or north zones of the compound.

10 Mistakes of Vastu for Factory to Avoid

  • Never keep the West and South side of the factory compound vacant, since it is considered as a vastu defect.
  • Avoid placing the maintenance workshop in North East or Central zone.
  • Do not locate the toilet area in the north east zone. Doing so can pollute the good energies in the factory.
  • Never place any machinery in North East, North West or South East corners.
  • Avoid placing any overhead water tank in North East zone of the factory.
  • No not clutter near the temple.
  • Never keep any litter in the factory compound, especially in the North East zone.
  • Avoid stacking raw material and finished goods storehouse in the same zone.
  • Never place any heating equipment in random locations, without vastu consultant. Doing so can severe affect the vastu for factory, in the form of accidents and machinery breakdown.
  • Do not allocate the North East zone for parking heavy vehicles.

The guidelines offered in this blog, are offered in general understanding. It may vary greatly depending upon nature of business and other factors.
So, it is crucial to seek vastu for factory from an expert for each manufacturing unit. Doing it on the right time is the game changer for your business. In this cutthroat market, every business requires the insights of the vastu shastra.
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So, utilize the power of vastu shastra and let it help you write the success story for your business like never before.

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