South Facing House Vastu in a Nutshell as per Vastu Expert

People, who look to buy a property, often assume South facing house vastu to be average. South facing house usually rank far behind north and east facing houses.

This happens due to many myths and misconception that sprouts among people who understand very little about vastu shastra.

Today, we will explore all the features and significance associated with South facing house vastu, as described by eminent vastu expert of Vaastu Mangaal, Mr. Pinaki Pal.

How to Determine a South Facing House Vastu?

Before exploring anything else, it is crucial to make it crystal clear as to what is implied by having a South facing house vastu and how to determine the same.

When you step out of the house through its main door and face towards the south direction, then you have a South facing house vastu.

Many property dealers say various references to demonstrate the same, but often they are self –made and yield inaccurate results. As per vastu experts, the facing can be determined accurately with the help of a magnetic compass.

Is South Facing House Good or Bad for Its Occupants?

As per vastu shastra, there is no direction that is good or bad. Each direction has its own deity and element, which might bring many positive influences in our lives.

Thus, every home, let it be north facing, south facing, east facing or so on is a good property, if and only if they are build with vastu rules.

If these vastu rules are followed, each of these properties, including South facing house vastu can bring prosperity for its occupants. It improvises the aspects like health, wealth, career, mental stability, domestic bliss and so on.

Likewise, failing to do so can prove to be inauspicious for the occupants. These might come in the form of Ill-fates, illnesses, misfortune, disabilities and financial losses.

Thus, it is of utmost importance that people seek expert guidance from a vastu expert before purchasing or renting any property. With their expertise and knowledge, they can make sure that the South facing house vastu becomes perfectly compliant as per vastu rules.

Specialty and Advantages of South Facing House

South facing house vastu has been found to bring significant benefits to its occupants if the main door vastu is followed. These properties are highly recommended for people who their own business.

It can also be considered as an ideal option for commercial site and offices as well. In fact, most vastu experts prefer South facing house vastu for the clients who are self employed and carry out their work from their home itself.

A South facing house vastu also offers significant amount of sunlight exposure into your house. Being the prime source of energy, the sunlight not only uplifts our moods, but also spread positive vibes throughout the home.

Is a South Facing House Good for All?

Nope, despite of common beliefs, it is not. Each property has its unique set of characteristics that are suitable for some and unsuitable for someone else.

South facing house vastu has many characteristics that make it ideal for some people only. Mars is the ruling plant of south. It also represent the element fire and is associated with fame and popularity.

Before purchasing any South facing house vastu, it is crucial to check this compatibility. Vastu experts who are also proficient in astro-vastu can be extremely helpful in this regard.

Vastu Guidance for South Facing House

The auspiciousness of the South facing house vastu depends upon many factors. It primarily refers to the ideal layout of the home. It includes the placement of main gate, bedroom, living room, bathrooms and so on.

In this following section, we will discuss the suitable placement of some of these rooms, as recommended by expert vastu consultant.

Main Gate Vastu for South Facing House 

The main gate is considered as the threshold of any home. With right advice on the placement of the main entrance in a South facing house vastu, the occupants can have wealth and prosperity.

To determine the ideal placement of the main door, you need to understand the role of pada. Each side is divided into 8 divisions, known as pada. Just like direction, each of them has its deity and unique features.

In the south side, from west to east, these are called- Mrigah, Bhringraj, Gandharva, Vama, Grihakshat, Vitath, Pusha and Anil.

For a South facing house vastu, the most ideal padas for the placement of the main entrance are Pusha, Vitatha and Grihakshat. Placement in these 3 padas can bring wealth, good health and prosperity.

Other than these 3 padas, the remaining 5 padas are extremely inauspicious as per vastu. making main gate in any of them can result in huge debts and serious health troubles.

Vastu experts, highly recommends to seek vastu guidance for main entrance vastu for South facing house vastu

Vastu Guidance for Toilets and Septic Tank for South Facing House

Toilets, bathroom and septic tank accumulate negative water force around them. Thus, it is highly crucial to place it perfectly as per vastu. If placed randomly, they can contaminate the entire South facing house vastu.

For such a property, the best way to ensure good bathroom vastu is by placing the bathroom in the North West side of the property. Never place the toilet or bathroom in the north east zone of the house.

The placement of the septic tank is crucial as well. To ensure the best South facing house vastu, locate the same in the South of South West corner (SSW).

Placement of Underground Water Reservoir

Normally, we place the underground water tank right in the front of the house for easy convenience. Doing so is particularly good for a north facing house, as north is the zone of water. But doing this for a South facing house vastu can be a disaster.

The southern zones of the house should never be considered to place any element of water storage. It is true for all 3 south zones; actual south, south east and south west.

Doing so can result in heavy financial losses, court cases, litigation and serious health issues of digestive and reproductive organs, particularly to the female members in the house.

Vastu Guidelines for the Bedroom in a South Facing House

The importance of bedroom vastu is very crucial to ensure good quality sleep and relaxation. For a south facing house, the most ideal placement for bedrooms is in the North and East zones of the house.

The master bedroom can be considered to be placed in the north side. The children’s room or the guest room can be placed on the east zones.

You need to determine your suitable sleeping direction to ensure best utility of the sleep. You need to seek the same from an expert vastu consultant.

Kitchen Vastu for South Facing House

Kitchen is the most sacred place after temple in any household. We prepare our food in this zone and it offers us strength to carry out our daily work.

It represents nutrition, and also the element fire. Thus, its placement is of utmost importance as per vastu shastra. In many households, the kitchen in placed in the north east zone, but it not recommended vastu-vice

In a south facing house, always place the kitchen in the south east zone of the house. If south east zone is not available, place it in the north west corner.

This placement will make sure that you reap all the benefits of food and also minimize the risks of having any fire related hazards in the house.

Puja Room Placement in South Facing House

No matter what faith one follows, it is crucial to have a temple in the house. It offers the best surrounding to offer prayers to the deity and to connect to divine force.

For best result, it is always recommended to place the puja room in the north east zone of the property. As this is the zone of Lord Shiva, it makes the worshipping more fruitful and fulfilling.

If north east is not available, the Puja room can be placed in the east or west side as well.

Vastu Guidelines for Color, Structure and Slope for South Facing House

Colors play an important role in the Vastu shastra. Thus, vastu experts recommend seeking advice before painting any property.

Instead of using a single color for the entire south facing house, consider various ones for various sections. It is beneficial vastu wise as each room represents some important aspect of everyday life of its occupants.

A random choice of color can bring vastu imbalance in the house. To ensure good south facing house, paint the home in shades of red and orange. But make sure to avoid dark colors like black, blue grey etc.

For a south facing house, it is also crucial to determine the ideal height and width of the boundary walls. For best result, ensure that the south walls are little taller and thicker than the walls of the other sides.

This not only improvises the vastu, but also helps to absorb the excessive heat due to long exposure of the sunlight. Keep in mind that, you don’t need to make these differences in huge disproportion, which looks odd to the eyes.

The slope of the property also influences the overall south facing house. For best result, you need to ensure that the slope of the property is inclined towards the North, East or North East of the plot.

If the property is sloped towards the south, it is best not to get it altogether as it might bring many unwanted complications, like poor health and financial struggles. This is the golden rule for any type of vastu, south facing house vastu and others.

Now, let us take a glance at the vastu guidelines you need to follow for any south facing house:

  • Always place the main door in the Pusha, Vitatha and Grihakshat padas.
  • Make sure to place the bedrooms in either north or East direction.
  • If the plot is slop, ensure that the inclination is from the south to North.
  • Always position the kitchen in South East or North West corner.
  • Allocate the north east zone for placing the temple.
  • In case you have space for a garden, allocate them in South East or South side.
  • Position the staircase in the zones of South, West or South West directions.
  • Construct the Southern walls a bit higher and thicker than other walls.
  • Locate the septic tank in either West of North West (WNW) or the South of South West (SSW) zone.
  • Seek vastu consultant before painting the house.

Now let us discuss the vastu mistakes you need to avoid in any south facing house:

  • Never place the main gate in the South West corner.
  • Avoid painting south facing home in black, blue or grey colors.
  • Strictly avoid any underground water tank in the front side of a south facing plot.
  • Never place the kitchen in South West corner of the house.
  • Try to make sure that there is no cross road or T-junction present in front of the home.
  • Mirrors must never be placed randomly without vastu supervision.
  • Do not allocate the south west zone for placing a garden.
  • Never pick any plot that is sloped from North to South.
  • Do not allocate the parking lot in South zone.

These are just basin guidelines that one must follow to uplift the south facing house . Apart from these, you need to overview numerous other factors. Thus, you need to get in touch with a vastu expert for complete vastu analysis of your property.

To avail full analysis of south facing house vastu, get in touch with our expert vastu expert, Mr. Pinaki Pal, at Vaastu Mangaal.

We offer vastu for home, for industry, for factory along with astro-vastu and numerology consultation. Contact us for more information.