Importance Of Internal Placement In a North Facing House Vastu

If you are looking forward to purchase a home or flat or plot for yourself. You will find that the north facing house vastu are considered as most auspicious. It is recommended by many vastu consultant as well. Since, north is the house of deity Kuber, who is the lord of wealth. North facing house vastu are believed to bring abundant financial growth. But it is only possible when you follow certain vastu rules properly. Let’s take a look at it in details, in this blog, but before that, we need to understand what is meant by having a north facing house vastu.

What Is Implied By North Facing House Vastu?

Most houses have only one door and that is considered as the main door. While you walk out of your house through this main entrance, you face a certain direction. If you face towards the north while doing so, you have a north facing house vastu. The same rule applies for the remaining of the directions as well. Despite popular beliefs and misconception, that one direction is good and one is bad, as per vastu consultant, each direction is auspicious and is recommended for certain people.

Internal Placement Of North Facing House Vastu?

As mentioned earlier, you need to follow some vastu rules to make it bring good fortune for you. These include internal placement of the room, the location of the main entrance, the number and size of the doors in the house and many more. Today we will discuss an ideal internal placement of the north facing house vastu, as recommended by vastu expert.
Internal placement refers to the location of several rooms inside the house. These include the placement of the main door, bedroom, bathroom, children’s room, puja room and so on. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Placement Of The Main Door in North Facing House Vastu-

Main Door in North Facing House

The main entrance is the most important point of the vastu, as it is the threshold of the property. the exchange of energy happens through the same. Having the perfect placement of the same, ensure that only the good energy enters the vastu and the bad ones gets out. Having a north facing entrance door is very good, but it is crucial to determine which section of the north side is the best. For a north facing house vastu, there are few placements that are good. For a general understanding, pick either right in the middle of the north wall or the north east corner for the same.

Placement Of The Staircase in North Facing House Vastu-

Stair Case in North Facing House

In case you have a terrace or a multi-storied house, you must have a staircase to connect the floors. You can either have internal or external installation of the staircase, but you should consider their proper placement nevertheless. Place the same in either of these directions- South, west, south-east, south-west. You must ensure the staircase is projected in the counter-clockwise orientation. Try to avoid the north side entirely as it might lead to financial loses.

Placement Of The Puja Room In a North Facing House Vastu-

Puja Room in North Facing House

Puja room is the most auspicious space in the house. We offer our prayers and it holds the godly energy of the deities. We feel connected to gods in this space and with perfect alignment as per vastu can make it even more spiritual and fruitful. According to vastu consultant, the placement of Pooja room in the west direction brings the best results. Make sure that god’s idols or photos face towards the east. You will find that most of the ancient Indian temples are also designed in this directional orientation as well. Also, the exact opposite orientation can be done as well (placing temple in east side and put god’s idols in the west. In case you don’t have adequate space in the north facing house vastu you can also put puja room in the north east, east or west directions.

Placement Of Kitchen in North Facing House Vastu-

Kitchen in North Facing House

After the puja room, the kitchen is the second most auspicious place. It is where we cook food for the family which offers nutrition and immunity to them. Its placement in the right orientation is quite crucial. For most houses, north east corner is considered as the best direction for a kitchen, since it represents the water element. However, north facing house is an exception. Doing so in a north facing house vastu can bring ill effects, in the form of neurological diseases, family disputes, litigation and financial losses.Instead pick the south side for the same. Particularly the south east corner is considered as best for a north facing house vastu. For many vastu, the north west direction is quite good for such a property as well.

Placement Of The Bathroom In a North Facing Vastu-

Bathroom in North Facing House

Bathroom is the place where we attend the nature’s call and freshen ourselves every day. It builds negative water energy and thus, its right vastu orientation is quite crucial for keeping the proper balance in the house. The same rules for septic tanks as well, as it too, accumulates negative water energy from the entire home.

Usually, you will find people placing septic tanks buried underground right in front of the house. But avoid the same for a north facing house through, as it might bring health consequences in the form of the kidney disease or financial burden. Pick either south west, south east or north west zones for the placement of the both bathroom and septic tank.

Moreover, South of South West (SSW), the West of North West (WNW), and East of South East (ESE) corners are the most suitable zones for placement of either in a north facing house.

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, you need expert guidance for the placement of the bedroom, children’s room, guest room, living room and so on. You can seek advice from the best vastu consultant  in this regard. After analysing your space. They will offer you the best guidelines to follow to make sure your house is best as per vastu shastra. It will bring huge financial growth and will help you lead and happy and prosperous life with your family.