North Facing House Vastu in a Nutshell As Per Vastu Experts

When you look around to purchase a property, you will find that North facing house vastu has a very good reputation in the market among the rest. In fact, vastu experts too agree that this orientation of the property is very auspicious for its occupants.

What makes North facing house so prosperous, you might wonder! Today, we will explore all about it, in this following blog. So, keep reading!

What is Meant by North Facing Property?

The very first question that comes into mind is how to define a North facing house. Confusions regarding the same is very common among people.

Many assume the direction of the main road with respect to the house is the key to determine the same. But it is incorrect.

When you walk out of the property through its main door and face north while doing so; then you have North facing house. Determining the other orientations work similarly. It is best to use a magnetic compass to be entirely accurate.

What are the attributes of North facing house vastu?

In vastu shastra, each of the direction represents something unique. The same goes for north as well.

North is ruled by deity Kuber, the god of riches and wealth. Thus, it comes as no surprise that North facing house offers significant riches to its occupants as well.

The ruling planet of the north is Mercury that offers success to its occupants. Also, north represents the water element of the nature. Thus, it offers the benefits of the same to its occupants as well.

However, it is crucial to understand that the main entrance orientation alone cannot ensure getting of such benefits. You need to make sure that the entire North facing house vastu is complaint as per vastu shastra.

These include following placement guidance of the entire house layout, its rooms, main door structure and placement of its furnishing.

Is North Facing House Vastu Good for Every Family?

Definitely not! As per vastu shastra, each property is unique and so are the needs of an individual and family. In order to make sure that one stays in harmony within a property, they need to seek vastu guidance first.

In spite such thriving prosperities, not every individual are recommended having North facing house vastu. It often related to the nature of their job, their astrological signs and particular needs etc.

It is always best to reach out to an vastu expert who is also skilled in astro-vastu. Only they can offer the best advice for the same.

Ideal Layout Of North Facing House

Let us now take a look at the how should the floor plan of a North facing house ideally be. It will comprise of the placement of the main entrance followed by the placement of the various room. These include bedroom, kid’s room, guest room, living room, kitchen, puja room, bathroom, and so on.

Let us explore some of the most crucial ones, in brief.

Main door placement of North Facing House –

The first thing any vastu expert will address is the main gate vastu of any property, since it is the threshold of most of the energies. The main gate vastu can make the overall North facing house vastu prosperous or inauspicious.

North facing house vastu must have its main entrance towards the north direction. However, you cannot just place it randomly. The exact location of the main door can affect the North facing house vastu significantly.

For instance, having the main door in the north-west zone can bring persistent bad luck for its occupants. So, how to place it properly?

Well, understand this. There are 8 sub-divided zones in each direction. For north, these are named as  Roga, Naga, Mukhya, Bhallat, Soma, Bhujang, Aditi and Diti.

They each have its deity and significance. So, you must be carefull on which you place the main door. For a North facing house vastu, the most auspicious padas are the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 8th padas are considered as suitable.

These are named as Mukhya, Bhallat, Soma (deity- Kuber), and Diti. They all offer strength, wealth and goodness to the occupants. And thus, for those who own North facing house vastu, it is highly advised to place their main door in any of these only.

However, remember that you cannot simply subdivide the northern wall in 8 equal parts and assume each to a pada. Each pada occupies different areas of the zone. This requires much detailed calculation and is best left to the experts for perfect analysis.

Guidelines for the Staircase in North Facing House –

Main door in north facing house

No matter if you have internal staircase or external one, it is crucial to follow vastu guidelines for them. Never place the staircase in the north side overall as it might bring difficulty in bringing money in the house.

Be sure to avoid north east zone especially as it trigger several neurological issues among the family members. The zones of south, west, south-east, south-west, north-west are considered good for placing the staircase in a North facing house vastu.

Out of them, if you are placing the staircase in the south-west or west, ensure that it is following the counter-clockwise orientation. If you are placing it in other directions, ensure it is in clockwise orientation.

Placement of Puja Room in a North Facing House Vastu – 

Puja room in north facing house

Puja room is the most auspicious zone of the house. It is recommended having a small puja room in every home, irrespective of the faith the family follows.

This zone offers peace of mind and is crucial that it is perfectly placed as per vastu shastra. For best result, the vastu experts recommend to place the puja room in the north east zone of the house in the North facing house vastu.

In fact, most any orientation property, it is best to place it in the north-east itself as it is the zone of Lord Shiva. Needless to say, doing the same helps occupants to connect to the godly energies.

If, the north east zone is not available, you can place the puja room in the west zone as well in the North facing house vastu. Also make sure that the god’s photos and idols are placed facing east. But in some cases, you can place them in reverse orientation as well.

You can find striking resembles to such arrangements for puja room in the old, Indian temples as well.  

Placement of Kitchen in North Facing House Vastu – 

Kitchen in north facing house

After the puja room, the Kitchen is the most sacred section of the house. It represents food and nutrition. It also represents the fire element within the vastu.

Thus, seeking kitchen vastu for North facing house vastu is extremely crucial. Only a good vastu of this zone will help to reap the good benefits of the nutrition and keep the risks of fire related hazards at bay.

For best result, place the kitchen in either south or south east zone of the North facing house vastu. If neither is available, you can consider north-west zone as well.

Many misconceptions are there about kitchen vastu. It is assumed that placing the kitchen in the zone of water is good. But doing so can bring severe ill-effects in the form of neurological issues, family dispute,, litigation and financial issues.

Placement of Toilet in the North Facing House Vastu – 

Toiley in north facing house

Toilets, bathrooms and septic tank are the section of the house that generates or stores the negative water energy in them. It is crucial to place them and dispose them properly as per vastu shastra. Failing to do so can affect the overall North facing house vastu.

It is most common to find that septic tanks are placed underground, right in the front of the house; which connects it easily to waste pipeline. However, doing this for North facing house vastu is extremely catastrophic.

Doing so can lead to huge financial burden and trigger kidney-related diseases among the occupants of the house. So, never place the septic tank or toilet in any of the 3 north zones of the property.

For a North facing house vastu, place the bathroom, toilet or the septic tank in the zones of South of South West (SSW), West of North West (WNW), and East of South East (ESE).

There are several other sections of the house and other details that required close analysis by an expert vastu consultant. It includes the placement of the bedrooms, guest room, living room, bed, kitchen over, water tanks, balcony and so on.

It is highly recommend doing a complete North facing house vastu analysis to ensure it is perfect as per the vastu experts.

Some Useful Guidelines for North Facing House Vastu in a Nutshell – 

Let us list out the most crucial vastu guidelines you need to follow for North facing house vastu, followed by the vastu mistakes you need to watch out for.

Some useful tips for the north facing house vastu – 

  • Always place the main door in any of the 3rd, 4th, 5th or 8th
  • Make sure to place the water storage tanks in the zones of north, north east, east or west.
  • Ensure that the north and north east sides of the building have some space spared left to allow free flowing of energies.
  • Make the north and east boundary walls little smaller and thinner than that of south and west.
  • In case the plot is inclined, ensure that the slope is inclined towards either north or east directions.
  • Always place the toilets, bathrooms or septic tanks in south west zone of the North facing house vastu.
  • To ensure best kitchen vastu, place it in either south east or north west zones.
  • Allocate the north west zone for placing puja room, followed by east or west side respectively.
  • You can keep an indoor money plant in the north to uplift the North facing house vastu.
  • Allocate the master bedroom in east, west or south directions of the house.
  • Position the staircase in zones south, west, south-east, south-west, north-west, but only after consulting a vastu expert.
  • Install the electric circuit board on the south-east wall to establish balance of the energy distribution in the house.
  • You can place any vastu items, or holy symbols like om, swastika, trishul, paintings, etc in the house to enhance its vastu.

Some vastu mistakes to avoid for a north facing house vastu – 

  • Avoid purchasing a North facing house without accurately determining its overall vatu.
  • Never place the main door in the north west zone of the property.
  • Do not dispose the waste water outlet pipeline in the north zones.
  • Never place the main gate in the padas which are considered inauspicious as per vastu shastra, especially the 6th pada.
  • Do not use red, maroon or yellow color to paint the property with North facing house.
  • Never place the staircase in north or north east direction of the house.
  • Avoid placing kitchen in north east or north direction of the home.
  • Never purchase a property, if it is inclined towards west or south.
  • Never place the underground water tank in north west zone.
  • Do not allocate any bedroom in the north east zone.
  • Try not to have any obstructions (like pole, tree) in front of the house. Seek vastu remedies if it does.
  • Do not place any toilet or septic tank in zones of north, north east or east.
  • Never place any mirror in south zones of the North facing house.

North facing house is considered prosperous overall. It brings financial prosperity along with fulfillment. But to ensure you get these benefits, you must seek a complete analysis of your property, from an expert vastu consultant.

Reach out to our vastu expert, Mr. Pinaki Pal, for more information on vastu for home, vastu for industry, vastu for office. Get in touch with Vaastu Mangaal to avail complete North facing house vastu analysis.

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