Some FAQs About Money Plant And Their Answers By Vastu Expert

When we talk about indoor plants, the most common plant that pops in our mind is the money plant. In the past few years, there has been a sharp increase in their usage as more and more people are realising the potential of the money plant vastu in their life. However, many people understand very little regarding its placement as per vastu and many other aspects. Today, we present some of the most commonly asked question and their factual answers as per expert vastu consultant in Kolkata. So, let’s begin.

Money Plant

Why Money Plant is Called So?

The scientific name of money plant is Epipremnum aureum. It is also called the devil’s ivy and golden pothos in certain places. The most common name for this plant remains the money plant. The leaves of this plant are golden, fleshy, round and plumy; it gives the appearance of gold coins, and thus, the fancy name ‘money plant’ has become most popular. However, since its correct placement as per vastu shastra can lead towards gain wealth, the name is justified significantly.

What Are The Advantages Of a Money Plant?

Money plant has all the advantages of any plant. It offers the following benefits-

  • Being a natural air purifier, it filters the toxins out of the house.
  • It absorbs harmful radiation from cell phones, wi-fi devices, microwave oven and other electronic gadgets in the house.
  • It promotes air circulation by producing fresh oxygen.
  • Money Plant enhances the aesthetics of the house.
  • It helps to deal with stress and anxiety.

What Vastu Advantages Money Plants Have?

From the perspective of vastu shastra, money plants, being an element of nature, are considered to create vastu balance in the home. It channels the positive energies and get rid of the negative ones. Thus, it creates peace, tranquillity and harmony in the home. The most well-known benefit of having a money plant is to attract huge financial benefits. Moreover, keeping it in various rooms can bring different benefits. For instance, if kept in the bedroom, it can help to fight insomnia and sleep peacefully and so on.

Is Money Plant Good To Keep At Office?

Yes, money plants, being money magnet are highly recommended for office spaces. It can bring ample opportunities to grow your business and bag more money from it. You need to consult a vastu expert in Kolkata to evaluate which placement is the most auspicious for you.

Is It Okay To Keep Money Plant in Bathroom?

Yes, keeping a money plant in the bathroom negates the negative energy that builds in the bathroom and pipelines. Moreover, it makes the bathroom visits more cheerful. You will find fancy hotel keeping indoor plants in bathroom for the very same reason. So, if your bathroom has adequate space, consider keeping a tiny money plant it.

Is Money Plant Good To Keep In Bedroom?

Though most people would think otherwise, keeping money plant in bedroom is quite beneficial. It can help you sleep better and fight anxiety that gets built up due to everyday stress. Just make sure to keep the plant at least 5-6 feet away from the bed, as plants releases carbon dioxide at night. it is best to keep it near a window.

Can Money Plant Be Grown In Home?

Yes, it can. All you need is a small section of money plant node with keeping some roots intact. Money plant can be grown in both water and soil. You can either pot it is soil in a vase, or grow it is water in a plant bottle or glass flask. You can grow them rooted in garden or as indoor plant as well. Do not need to have garnering skills to grow them. With very little care, it grows profoundly, and you can always grow more plants from one healthy plant. You can get a small sapling from any local or online nursery and simply start growing it in pot or bottle.

Can Money Plant Bring Good Finance?

Yes, it is known to bring financial benefits for the occupants of the property. However, you need to understand that it does not imply getting a lottery or so. It implies that it will unlock many opportunities in your life from where you can make huge financial benefit and growth.

Which Direction is Best Direction To Keep Money Plant in The Home?

As per vastu, in general all directions are good, and none are unlucky. But there are several factors that determines where keeping a certain item will bring maximum benefits for the inhabitants. When it comes to money plant, north and south direction are considered as best. However, keeping the same in east is also considered good. However, try to avoid west direction altogether, if possible.

Where To Keep The Money Plant in Home?

As per vastu experts, money plants can be kept in almost any room or area of the house. Let it be balcony shades, bedroom, bathroom, living room, staircase stand, window slab, kitchen or main entrance. Placement of the money plant in each section of the house has unique benefit for the occupants of the house. All you need to do is to seek consultation from vastu expert regarding money plant vastu before making these placements.

Do Money Plants Require Sunlight?

Yes, all plants need direct or indirect sunlight, in order to photosynthesis. Money plant are no exception. Remember that money plants are shade loving plants and are not meant to be left in direct sunlight. You must keep them in a place which gives them indirect sunlight. Doing for couple of hours each day is sufficient. They can get dried and damaged due to over exposure to sunlight.

Money Plant

These are many that factors that are crucial to know and follow in order to enjoy all the benefits that money plants offer. In case, you have any more question regarding money plant vastu, get in touch with our expert Mr. Pinaki Pal at Vaastu Mangaal. Get in touch with us for more information.