East Facing House Vastu in a Nutshell as per Vastu Experts

Before you buy East facing house Vastu, for its good reputation, you need to read this blog first. It is crucial that you do a complete vastu analysis of the property before you build or buy it.

East facing house Vastu, is usually believed to have a good omen as per general belief. But even then, it is not necessarily the best option for everyone.

Thus, today, we will present East facing house along with all its specialty, features and vastu benefits, in a nutshell for you. So, let us begin.

What is Meant by East Facing House Vastu?

Like always, we will first understand what is implied by East facing house Vastu, and how to determine it correctly.

It is common to find that several people struggle to determine the directional facing of their respective house. However, the number of wrong assumptions related to the East facing house Vastu is the highest of all.

It happens because most people do not seek vastu guidance for determining east facing, as they believe they can trace it themselves through the rising sun reference. But this method often produces incorrect result.

Just because your house faces towards the rising sun, does not make it East facing house Vastu. Let us understand how.

The universal truth says ‘the sun rises in the east’. But still we must consider 2 things. One- the earth is inclined at 23.5 degree to its axis. Two- as the Earth revolves around sun, the actual direction of the sunrise shifts gradually over the period of the year.

During one revolution, the season changes and the time span of the average daylight exposure varies as well. So, the sun rises in the exact east only on 2 days in the year- namely 20th or 21st March and 22nd or 23rd September.

Thus, you need to find a more reliable method to determine East facing house Vastu. Vastu expert offers the most accurate method for the same, using a compass.

A magnetic compass points towards the actual north accurately. It is available at a very small price as well. All you need to do is determine the direction towards which you face to while steeping out of the house through the main door.

If this points towards the east, then only you have an actual East facing house Vastu. This technique is used by expert vastu consultants as well.

What Benefits are Associated with East Facing House Vastu?

East facing house Vastu is often considered as most auspicious as per Vastu Shastra. As per common beliefs among people, too this orientation can help its occupants get hands-on huge amount of gold. In case you are wondering how? Let us understand.

Sun rises in the east and also happens to be the ruling planet of east direction. As sun is the prime source of energy in the world, it enriches everything it falls upon. The east direction also represents the element air, so this orientation offers creativity and innovative thoughts among people as well.

All in all, East facing house Vastu is one of the best orientation for a home.

Is East Facing House Vastu Suitable for All?

No it is not. Though, we just mentioned that it is one of the best among the rest, it is not suitable for everyone. Vastu experts believe that each house is unique and every individual and family is unique as well.

To make sure that the property and its vastu is beneficial for the family residing in it, it is crucial to determine its compatibility. This can be easily determined by the help of an expert vastu consultant.

What Comes Under East Facing House Vastu?

The facing of the alone cannot determine the overall vastu of any house. The same holds true for East facing house Vastu as well. It must include other factors as well, such as placement of the bedroom, bathrooms, toilets, kitchen, puja room, staircase, etc.

The property becomes compliant as per vastu, only if these placements are done correctly, following the vastu rules. It will bring positive outcome for the occupants. Failing to do so, on the other hand can bring severe consequences for the family.

Let us take a look at the vastu guidelines for some of the sections as mentioned above.

Main Door Vastu for East Facing House

East facing house Vastu and its benefits can only be received by the occupants, if the main door is placed perfectly. This is true for all houses, lt it an east facing house vastu or north or south or west facing one.

Since the main gate act as the threshold for any property, its correct placement is extremely significant as per Vastu experts in India. They believe that the main gate vastu should be the first and foremost thing to consider before buying any property or building it.

The main door offers the prime connection between the indoor and outdoor of the house and the energies that flow in. But what determines the suitable main door vastu for East facing house? Let us explain.

Each side of the direction is further sub-divided into 8 padas. Just like each direction, each pada has its ruling deity, and significance. Upon placing them in these pada, it acquires the features of the same.

In the east side of a vastu, from top to bottom, these padas are named as – Agni, Jayanta, Indra, Surya, Satya, Bhrisha, Antariksha, Anila.

Out of these 8 padas, the Jayanta or Indra Pada are the two most auspicious padas, in which you can place the main entrance. These placements can brings prosperity and happiness for its occupants, by channeling the positive vibes.

If you look closely at the basic structure of the ancient, Indian temples, you will notice that they are mostly made east facing with its entrance is build in the same padas as well. This strengthens the positive vibes that flows in it and attract so many devotes, year after year.

Apart from the above mentioned 2 padas, it is highly recommended to never consider the remaining padas, without vastu supervision.

So, as you can see that East facing house can greatly vastu according to its main door vastu. Despite good potential, it can bring unwanted complication for your family, if you place the main door in the wrong pada.

Thus, it must be positioned only after expert vastu consultant.

Vastu for Vacant Space in the East Facing House

A Vastu compliant East facing house Vastu always has some spare space in the east side. This is done by vastu experts to offer free space that makes sure sunrays can get inside the home and flows within it, freely.

This eliminates the negative energy present inside the home and instead replaces it with positive energy. As per vastu experts, it can help the occupants, be healthy and energetic every day.

It is highly recommended to make a balcony in east side of the East facing house to facilitate the free entering of sunlight in the home.  In case the space is limited, you can make even a small free space in the said direction.

Make sure that the east side does not get blocked completely, as it can trigger many health issue and difficulties in childbirth.

Placement of Kitchen in East Facing House

Kitchen is a very holy section of the home, in which we prepare our food. It represents nurturing and the element fire. On one hand it is crucial to ensure good health, one the other hand, it is crucial to reduce the possibility of fire related hazards.

East facing house is incomplete without correct kitchen vastu. To ensure correct kitchen placement, allocate the same in the south west zone of the house. This is the zone of fire and offers the perfect balance to it. If it is unavailable go for the north-west direction instead.

Make sure to pay attention to the position of the oven as well. Place it in such a way that you face east in a south west kitchen. Likewise make sure that you face west, in a north west.

Temple Vastu for East Facing House

Pooja room is the most sacred space in any house, even in East facing house.The thumb rule for placement for temple is its placement in the north east zone. Being the zone of Lord Shiva, it boosts the power of the prayers.

In case it is not available, you can place it in the east zone as well. Keep the temple and its surrounding well lit and free of dirt and cluttering to ensure it attracts good energies.

Placement of Living Room in East Facing House

Placement for the living room must be done as per vastu shastra to make sure this space is vastu complaint as well. Vastu experts recommend placing the living room in the north east zone for best result.

Now let us summarize some vastu guidelines you need to follow and avoid for East facing house Vastu.

First, have a glance at some basic vastu guidance for East Facing House:

  • Always refer to a magnetic compass to determine the actual east facing.
  • Make sure to place the main entrance only in padas; Jayanta or Indra.
  • Build the north and east side walls are little thinner and shorter than the other 2 sides.
  • Place the kitchen in either South East or North West corner of the house.
  • Make sure to face East in SE kitchen and face West in NW kitchen while cooking. You must adjust the oven to ensure this orientation.
  • Place the Pooja room in North East corner for best result.
  • In case the plot is sloped, ensure that the slope is from south to north.
  • To ensure good vastu of the living room, place it in the North East zone.
  • Always keep a small balcony or free space in the east side.

Now, let us take a glance at the vastu mistakes to avoid in East Facing House: 

  • Never refer to the sun to trace the east direction.
  • Do not place the main door in the restricted padas, without seeking vastu guidance first.
  • Make sure to avoid all the other padas except the ones recommended while placing the main entrance.
  • Never place the toilet, bathroom or septic tank in the north east corner of the house.
  • Never purchase any property which is sloped from north to south.
  • Do not place any bedroom in the north east corner of the house, let it be master bedroom, children’s bedroom or even guest bedroom.
  • Avoid placing the staircase in the North-East zone of the East facing house.
  • Avoid keeping dustbin or broken furniture etc right outside the main entrance or in the North East corner.
  • Make sure there is no sharp edge or cut in the North East corner of the house.

Apart from these above mentioned zones, there are various other aspects that require vastu supervision. It is best to get in touch with an expert who can help you make the best possible outline for East Facing House.

Thus, it can be concluded that an East Facing House is highly auspicious for many occupants, as long as they stick to the vastu guidelines. You can get complement vastu guidance from an expert who can ensure your home receives the positive vibes and its goodness.

If you are planning to purchase any property make sure that it is vastu complaint. To know more about it, or to avail East facing house, get in touch with vastu expert Mr. Pinaki Pal, at Vaastu Mangaal.

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