While making their dream home, people keep different space of it to meet various purposes. These include master bedroom, children’s room, guest room, kitchen, living room, balcony, bathroom etc. the most energized zone of the house in definitely the puja room or the temple. This is the space where we connect to god and offer them our prayers. This is the tranquil zone of the house where we communicate and get closer to the almighty God. Puja room offers us the sense of being close the Creator of universe. Vastu Shastra for puja room is very crucial.

It is where we pray to god for a good fortune, success in life along with seeking blessings rom god for our newest endeavour of our life. Though we normally think puja room to be synonymous with temple and thus assumes it only meant for Hindus, it is for every religion. It is for every person who share a connection with god.

As per most religious beliefs, the most deal time to offer your prayers is either dawn or dusk. It is the time when we leave all the worldly problems behind and enter the Puja room to feel serenity and mental peace. While building your home, try to have it located in the north east zone of the house. In case, there is no separate puja room, the eastern wall of North-eastern corner of your home is the best place to set for the purpose of prayer.

We offer some vastu tips to follow while setting the puja room in your home:

  • Places the image or idols of god in the eastern area. This way you can face east while offering prayer.
  • Keep some water in a copper pot in the north-eastern part of the temple. Make sure to change the water regularly.
  • Place the diya or agarbatti in the south-eastern corner, as it represents the element fire.
  • Try not to keep pictures of any late ancestors inside the puja room.
    Make sure that the area is kept clean at all times.
  • Make sure that the puja room is used only for meditation and prayers.
    Make sure to draw curtain in front of the temple, after finishing your prayer, if it is kept in your bedroom.
  • Make sure that Bathroom and Temple do not have same wall.
    In case of multistore home, be sure not to place any bathroom exactly above the temple.
  • Prefer using wood or marble for the temple.You can keep some sacred symbols like Om, swastika, etc to channel the positive vibration in the home.

With these simple tips of Vastu Shastra for Puja Room will make the puja room the most peaceful area of the house. Consult Vaastu Mangaal Today for seeking vastu consultation for Your Puja Room.

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