Vastu Shastra For Puja Room


People keep different rooms of their houses to meet various purposes. People distinguish their rooms as Master bedroom, extra guest room, kitchen, dining and most important of all the room for prayers. The room for prayer is the only tranquil zone of the house. This place is the zone where we communicate and come closer to the God. This zone of peace gives us the feeling of being close to the Creator himself. This is the place where we share our daily life mistakes, happiness, sorrows and hopes with God. This is our room to pray. Though prayer and religion go hand-in-hand, it’s not necessary that one has to belong to a certain religion to pray.

Ideal time to offer your prayers is either early in the morning or dusk. Thank the lord as the sun sets at dusk. We thank for every good and bad things happening around us and also for all our beloved.

We leave all our worldly problems behind when we enter the Pooja-Ghar. This is the place of serenity; this is where we get mental peace. As per vaastu, even if there is no room to allocate entirely for Pooja, the eastern wall of North-eastern corner of your house is ideal to set a temple for God.

Things to consider based on Vaastu when you set a room for prayer:

  • Places you deities’ image or idol in the eastern area so that you face east when you offer prayer. West is place for devotee.
  • Water to be placed in north-eastern part of temple in pot made of copper. This water is to be changed regularly. Mode of enhancing water offering in north-east can be set up a pyramid of water.
  • Place the diya or light in the south-eastern corner.
  • Don’t Keep the pictures of late ancestors inside the temple.
  • Area is to be kept clean from dirt at all times.
  • This is a room solely meant for meditation and prayers.
  • If your temple is inside your bedroom then make sure to pull a curtain infront of the temple when it’s not used
  • Bathroom and Temple shouldn’t have same wall.
  • Make sure there is not toilet in the floor above where you place the temple.
  • Make temple of wood or marble.
  • Keep a crystal Kalasha as a sign of “Mangal”.

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