Vastu Shastra For Office


Present days offices are getting defined by Vastu. Vastu application of office interiors are getting popular for companies every day. Vastu has got a worldwide acceptance as it has no conflict with the modern get up of any office.

Points that should be followed in Vastu Shastra when you set up your office:

  • What shape the office is?
  • Arrangements at the reception.
  • Power Area location.
  • Location of centre of energy or Brahmasthan.
  • Place for promotion of business.
  • Prime door for entrance.
  • Location and view of door.
  • Place where the cabins of CEO, marketing and other staffs are located.
  • Area for the department of finance.
  • Location of orientation and placement room.
  • Conference centre arrangements and location.
  • Where to display the marketing tools.
  • Choosing colours for painting exteriors or interiors.
  • Locating pantry and canteen.
  • Toilet placement.
  • Window directions
  • Lower and Higher Zone Location
  • Wet and dry zone location.

Other than the above mentioned points you need to place the following in proper arrangement – gadgets, fax, computers, servers, phone and printer.

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