The importance of vastu for office in critical, especially in this era. We need our workplace to be productive in order to ensure that our business flourishes profoundly. Nowadays offices are getting designed as per Vastu rules. Vastu Shastra for office interiors are getting more and more popular for companies as each day passes. Vastu Shastra for office has got a worldwide acceptance, not just in India. many companies set in abroad ask for expert vastu consultation in India for their expertise and extensive knowledge of vastu.

Vastu complaint office ensures that people stay motivated and performs as per their best ability. Moreover, with placement of right thing in its right place, vastu shastra ensures that absenteeism is reduced greatly. When people are working at their best, you can be certain that your business will flourish as well.

Points that should be followed as per Vastu Shastra for office when you set up your office:

  • Shape of the plot and office boundary.
  • Arrangement and location of the reception.
  • Location of Power source
  • Location of the centre of energy, known as Brahmasthan.
  • Location of the cabins of people responsible for business promotion.
  • Placement of the main door or entrance.
  • Location of the bathroom and kitchen pantry.
  • Placement of cabins of head of the business.
  • Location of the department of finance.
  • Location of HR personals’ room.
  • Position of Conference room.
  • Choosing colours accordingly for painting exteriors and interiors.
  • Position and exposure of light through Windows.
  • Location of Wet and dry zone of the office.
  • Position of gadgets like fax, computers, phone and printer.

Apart from the above-mentioned factors there are numerous aspects you need to evaluate while doing vastu shastra for office. The vastu experts of Vaastu Mangaal are well capable of handling our every need of business.



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