Vastu Shastra For Master Bed Room


Master Bedroom, as the name suggests is the main bedroom. So it is very necessary for a master bedroom to be made as per Vastu Shastra, to maintain the harmony in one’s home. This room should have all the arrangements as said in Vastu.

One should not neglect the Vastu, especially when master bedroom is concerned and maintain below:

  • You should make your master bedroom such that it’s rectangular or square in shape.
  • It is the master bedroom; hence it should be the largest in the house.
  • Locating a master bedroom in the south-western corner of a house assists the head of the family to maintain harmony at home.
  • Make sure that your bedroom is not located on the exact top of your garage or kitchen.
  • There should be no toilet located on the top of your bedroom.
  • When you set your bed inside the room, make sure it’s not kept door facing directly.
  • Door shouldn’t be behind the head-board of the bed as well.
  • You should have a solid wall on the back of head-board when you sleep.
  • A beam on top of your head is considered unlucky. Be sure not to sleep under beam.
  • Your bed shouldn’t get reflected in any mirror.
  • Avoid electro-stress by not keeping electronic item your bedroom.
  • Prefer sleeping on wooden bed over the metal ones to avoid disorders.
  • There should be no staircase to face the door of your bedroom.
  • Choose restful, comforting and peaceful colors to paint your bedroom.
  • Add inspiring artwork in bedroom.
  • Unwanted and unused stuffs are not be kept under bed.
  • Master bedroom kept in south-eastern corner affects couples.
  • Locating master bedroom in north-eastern side creates stress in life.
  • Keeping master bedroom in the north-western side leads you to be a frequent traveler.