Vastu Shastra For Factory


Vastu Shastra has observed a huge demand in the world of business, particularly since the last decade. The ever-growing scope of business calls out for every factory to work at its optimum productivity. It has been found that productivity of business can increase up to once you optimize the working environment. This can be effectively done through the help of commercial vastu consultant . It improves the morale of the employees or workers, who in turn perform best as per their respective calibre. This ultimately makes your customer satisfied and thus you make sure your business flourishes. Anytime is good time for you to adapt the science of vastu shastra. However, there are certain phases that literally calls out for you to apply the techniques of Vastu Shastra for Factory. These can be-

  • While planning an upcoming project.
  • While expanding your business, both geographically and logistically.
  • While restructuring the present manufacturing factory unit.
  • When you observe repeated conflict among workers or between workers and management.
  • When the productivity of the unit suddenly gets lower than usually. This is applicable for from the perspective of quantity and quality.

Vastu shastra analyse the property in details from many perspective. It includes the following aspects into consideration:

  • The location, direction and size of the plot.
  • Boundary of the plot.
  • Point of entrance or main gate of the factory.
  • Placement of the basic machineries.
  • Placement of the water tanks and cooling plants.
  • Placement of the fire-related equipment such as boiler, furnace etc.
  • Placement of raw materials and finished products sections.
  • Arrangement of workers shed.
  • Location of the drinking water station and canteen.
  • Location of the admin office.
  • Placement of the toilet and septic tank
  • Interior and exterior colors of the facility
  • Direction of the slope of the property, if the plot is inclined
  • Direction and orientation of the Wet and dry zones of the factory
  • Arrangement and structure of the rooftop
  • Direction and Zone of tranquillity.
  • Location of the dowsing area within the parameters.
  • Detailed analysis of the area around the plot.
  • Direction and orientation of the source of power in the plant.
  • Placement of the parking lot

The analysis of any factory must be carried out with expert knowledge as every business has its special needs that must be evaluated. Get in touch with Mr. Pinaki Pal to avail vastu shastra for factory.

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