Vastu Shastra For Factory


Vastu Shastra has observed a high demand in the world of business. One needs to maintain harmony both at home and business. It’s a proven fact that productivity of business faces 30% increment when you optimize the environment. Improve the morale of the employees or workers by applying Vastu and get the ultimate satisfied customer and thus good business.

Know when you should apply the techniques of Vastu Shastra:

  • When you plan an upcoming project.
  • If you are for restructuring the present unit of manufacture.
  • When you face difficulties in maintaining harmony among workers and productivity at a unit.

Points to follow in Vastu Shastra for a factory set up:

  • Check for the location and size of plot.
  • Boundary of plot.
  • Point of entrance or the prime gate of factory.
  • Place to keep important machines.
  • Place of water tanks and cooling plants.
  • Where are the furnace, boiler and other gadgets of fire located?
  • Keeping finished products and raw items.
  • How you arrange the seats of workers.
  • Where do you have canteen?
  • Locate the admin office in side factory.
  • Where does toilet and septic tank face?
  • Interior and exterior paints applied.
  • Higher or lower Zone direction
  • Wet or dry zone direction
  • Arrangements in roof
  • Zone of tranquility.
  • Location of quarters for staffs.
  • Dowsing energy
  • Area around the plot
  • Spot for power.
  • House for guests to factory.
  • Parking