Vastu Shastra For Corporate Office


Employers are now days concentrating on strategies to engage the employees into productive work. They understood that productivity calls for healthy work environment and reduced absentism due to sickness. In this situation it is obvious that Vastu Shastra secrets are well used in corporate offices. This is a scientific way of enhancing productivity by spreading positive energy among workers and their work environment.

One can achieve potentiality towards success with a balanced work life. There should be a space supporting the business goals. This helps to provide increased and effective creativity level among employees by exerting minimum stressed efforts. Every staff of an organization gets a step closer to their personal achievements as the company gets its success. Vastu in this scenario acts as a medium to bring out the energies hidden in a work place, required for an organization’s betterment. Vastu has the sole purpose of supporting a business with creation of comfortable and healthy work environment. This in turn helps a positive energy to flow and increase interaction among employees, employer, customers, guests and vendors.

Reviewing the business plans: The 1st phase of an office, the pre-constructional stage, is the ideal one when Vastu can be applied on the office principles, while site selection. One can save money, aggravation and above all time if the plans are reviewed at the right moment during office construction or renovation. Plans made by architect might look attractive when given in paper. But often the scenario might turn negative when it comes to harmony of office.

Points to be considered to use energy of Vastu: The landscape of the premises tells the whole story of the vibrancy and energy flowing in an area. Usage of steel or hard iron in construction generates an energy which is hard in itself, spreading in the environment. Whereas keeping a landscape in that area of office balances the vibration of hardship. You can maintain harmony in office if you are aware of the premises that surround you. You need energy positivity for your company’s prosperity and growth. You clients bring in profit to your business by the main entrance. If you want to utilize the energy of Vastu make sure that the door guarding main entrance faces a direction which is positive.

Shape determines the strength in any plot or premise. Check if you have complete premise or if some section is missing. Get to know missing which part affects which section of business. If it is the north-western section then it’s the Vayu or wind corner. This means the marketing team of your company will face hurdles to target conversions.

As per Vastu Shastra different colours have symbolize various elements like earth, fire, space, water and wind. The colour you choose for office, visiting cards, and logo is supposed to have direct effect on the business development. To have success in business choose the right colour for it. Blue and green symbolize calmness and hence are highly preferred by pharmaceutical business organization. These colours can be used in logo or the mail sent for communication. Take out time to think of your business category and choose the colour accordingly. Enhance the Vastu energy of your business by choosing a colour to correspond your business factor. An office with wooden furniture and green wall paint is ideal for offices meant for high-tech and electronic work. If you have value for your employees and their performances at work and hiring cost, then small organization or corporate must value Vastu. If you have an office layout in accordance with Vastu then you are actually promoting better work culture for employees. They will work harder, productivity is expected to grow and the sick leaves are expected to reduce. A rectangular or square table in the meeting room is a lucky charm when you meet clients. As Vastu says these specific shapes promote negotiation and sales, solves problem and the meeting thus conducted are usually successful with good results. The seniors or the owners of the company are expected in-charge of the meeting as they sit around the table. You choose a position that gives power.

How you decorate your office wall with art will have a positive effect on the focus of the employees. In office it is suggested that you use pictures that gives motivation and show a team work. Don’t use family photos, they distract employees. Try to keep images that display a road without end. It symbolizes no end to opportunity and is motivational when kept in front desk.

Locate the cabins carefully especially when they are facing that of the CEO of the company. Many incidents show that employees with cabin facing the boss have felt dominant and the employer tends to dependent on them. Keep some nice green plants in office. It gives the harmony of work when you look at them and helps in personal achievements and growth of business. The size of the office doesn’t really matter. It is always the same key and charm that work be it a small or big building office. Vastu has got both macroscopic and microscopic value use.

Rules to follow while using Vastu at Office:

  • Check the office building or plot shape.
  • The main point of entrance to the site.
  • View from the door that you get.
  • Where are the cabin of the CEO or the employees located and which way they are facing?
  • Where is the department of finance kept?
  • Where have you kept place for orientation and placement of staffs.
  • Conference room location and inside arrangements.
  • Which way does staff or owner face?
  • Colours chosen for exterior and interior of an office.
  • Where do you display you marketing items?
  • Which way do the AC, coolers and electrical mains face?
  • Location of the Canteen and pantry.
  • Location of toilet.
  • Window directions
  • Lower and higher zone location
  • Wet and dry zone location.
  • Placing office electronics like Server, fax, computer etc.