Give Your Child The Best Environment To Grow Up

Once you become a parent, your child becomes the centre for your life. Any parents will go to any extent to make sure their children stay healthy and lead a happy life ahead. Apart from good nutrition, the correct vastu also plays a crucial role in their overall wellbeing. For this particular reason, vastu shastra for children’s room is becoming very popular these days.

Children mostly spends around 10-12 hours in their room each day, to sleep and study. So, it is important that it is perfectly aligned as per the rules of vastu. If they live in vastu complaint surrounding from a young age, it will help them have a healthy body and sound mind.

Many young children nowadays often complain about problems such as back pain and neck stiffness. Carrying heavy bags and long academic hours are the culprit for the same. Peaceful sleep is very much crucial for them to get relaxed and avoid long term complications from the same.

Moreover, felling lethargic or failing to pay attention is quite common as well. With proper vastu orientation, children can focus more on their studies. Good vastu can help them sharpen their mind, be more alert and feel energetic.

Under vastu consultation for children’s room, experts pay attention to the following details:

  • Position of the children’s room
  • Position of the bed in the room
  • Position of computer/desktop
  • Placement of door with respect to the bed
  • Placement of study table
  • Placement of mirror
  • Placement of vastu yantra etc

Apart from the same, vastu shastra for children’s room include many other factors. Though it is not advised to keep mirror or electronic gadgets in the children’s room to avoid too much distraction, sometimes it become unavoidable. Particularly in this digital driven era, almost every school child requires computer to carry out their studies properly. So, with correct placement, you can ensure it does not interfere much with their studies.

Vaastu Mangaal offers expert vastu consultation for children’s room in Kolkata. Get in touch with vastu expert Mr. Pinaki Pal for extensive analysis and vatu remedies.

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