Vastu Shastra For Bed Room


Vastu Shastra is the science balancing the elements of nature so that it gives us positive energy and help us attain harmony and peace. A vastu compliant surrounding not only enhance our mood and makes us feel cheerful, but also fill up our lives with energy to move ahead. Vastu Shastra for bedroom is quite crucial. We spend 6-8 hours each night in our bedroom to get peaceful sleep. Also, we share this space with the most intimate person of our life. A vastu compliant bedroom, not only help you to get quality sleep, but also improves your love life and help make a harmonious life ahead. If you follow the vastu rules and place the bedroom accordingly, it will create positivity that will bring positive changes in your life.

Some simple steps to improve the vastu of your bedroom:

  • Locating your Bedroom:

Follow the Vastu guidelines to allocate rooms in your home. The south west zone is considered as best for the placement of the master bedroom. It strengthens the bond between its occupants and help you have a more stable personal life. Apart from bedroom, you should allocate all the other rooms as per vastu as well. These includes, children’s room, guest room, bathroom staircase, living room and so on.

  • Internal placement of furnishings:

Vastu guidelines can also include placement positions for belongings of the bedroom. For instance, the ideal positioning of the bed, wardrobe, mirror and other furniture in the room. These simple rearrangements will ensure that the positive energy around the room can be channel objectively.
Install vastu objects in the room: Several times, installing a small vastu object can bring huge changes in your personal space. You can use crystals or vastu items such as vastu pyramids, vastu turtle, wind chimes, Humanji idol or pictures etc to distribute positive energy throughout the home. But, make sure to place it according to vastu consultation.

  • Decorate your bedroom:

Paintings are the best way to decorate any room. For a bedroom, you can install pictures of your family and loved ones in the room. You can use any painting that evoke positive emotions like love belongingness, happiness in the room. Do not pick any paintings of loneliness, aggression or sadness, as its prolonged presence around you can make you gloomy as well.

  • Pick the right colors:

A lovely look can uplift your mood. Picking random colors can interfere with the vastu fo your home. For instance, colors like orange or red represent too strong emotions for a bedroom. On the other hand, colors like lavender or pink are smoothening to eyes and can be ideal paint for your bedroom. Moreover, you can pick dark colored curtains to ensure getting uninterrupted sleep throughout the night. Be sure to pick colours for your bedroom after vastu consultant in Kolkata.

These are some simple guidelines of Vastu Shastra for bedroom for you to follow out. Remember that the specific vastu recommendations changes from vastu to vastu depending on several factors. For more detailed analysis for the same, get in touch with us at Vaastu Mangaal.