Vastu Shastra For Bed Room


The science of harmony and positive energy in environment is called Vaastu. A positive energy surrounding us not only makes your heart cheerful, but also gives happiness to the entire premise surrounding us. Vaastu can help in improving your life of love and affection and selection of perfect life partner. If you place the bedroom correctly and create positivity it attracts the energy of love in your life.

Steps to improve your love life :

  • Locating your Room: Follow the guidance of Vaastu to allocate rooms in your house as per their utility. The strength in professional and personal life gets increased if you allocate the south-western room as your master bedroom in your house. You should allocate all rooms including, kid’s room, guest room or the bedroom for a couple as per Vastu experts. Vaastu scientifically describes where you should place your wardrobe, mirror and other furniture in a room. If you have bedroom other than in the south-western part then you need to get a Vastu correction done. Let a positive energy flow. Use pictures of relationship, crystals for harmony etc as a mean of Vastu correction.
  • A pre-marriage attractive room: Looking for a soul mate for life? Ensure the space that person requires in your home. Time to check the shelves, wardrobes located inside your bedroom. Check whether your cupboards have space or too much loaded with our own items. Make room for your future or present life partner. You should make 30% free space for other’s items. Try visualizing your beloved’s things in that space of your room.
  • Images or pictures to be kept: Your life of love and emotions gets affected to great extend with the pictures surrounding you. People surrounded with sad and lonely pictures often complain of being under depression themselves. Your bedroom is definitely not a place to display pictures that portray sadness, loneliness, aggression or conflict.
  • Decorate your bedroom: Colour your bedroom with warm shades of earth. Orange or red represent too strong an energy to be painted in bedroom. Colors like lavender or pink symbolize peace. They are the ideal paint for your bedroom where you are planning to stay with your beloved. These paintings spread positive love and emotion in a room and increases bonding in any relationship.