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Every home, no matter its size is special for its occupants. It is not the size of the house that determines its auspiciousness, but its vastu. If your home is complaint as per the vastu rules, it will give you the peace of mind. Residential Vastu Consultant in Kolkata ensures that your home becomes the most peaceful place for you and your family. The vastu shastra ensures that the elements of the nature exist in balance within your home. That way it will generate positive energy within its boundary.

Any underlying vastu defect, if left unfixed, can bring unwanted troubles. Sometimes, it can be minor issues, but many a times, it can be severe as well. These issues can be anything like– domestic fights, illness, tendency to make bad lifestyle choices, excessive expense, financial loses, inferiority and lack of confidence, issues related to child birth, late marriage, litigations, property disputes etc.

Once you adapt the changes suggested by vastu experts, you can get rid of these problems. A vastu complaint home will boost you to have a stable career growth, make more money, be more active, having harmony in family, stronger bonds between spouses, and so on.

If you are planning on building your home, it is best to seek guidance from vastu expert before you finalize the floor plan. They will help you to make the perfect placement of various rooms. But it is difficult to do of you purchase a flat or old property, or already completed building it. In such cases, Vastu remedies involves making changes of the placement of the furnishing and installing vastu objects etc.

Vaastu Mangaal offers expert Residential Vastu Consultant , which rarely involve structural changes. With easy and feasible vastu solutions, we make sure to make your house Vastu-perfect. Vastu faults can be easily corrected after thorough analysis with the use of color and vastu objects. Get in touch with us and take a step today to make your dream home vastu compliant, which in turn will make your living in it peaceful and prosperous.

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A basic building plan is one of the key requisites for a productive meeting with our Vaastu Mangaal Expert. If you don’t have a building plan, it would be better to draw one yourself for the initial meeting. Based on our experience, we have found that not all problems in life are due to Vastu, as is the common misconception. Vaastu Mangaal methodology undertakes a 100% matching of symptoms and reasons to give you effective solutions to your problem.