Application of Vastu Shastra at Homes, Housed and Apartments

Modern life gets high influence of different factors at a macro level and this is totally beyond our point of control. We can retain back our wealth, health, happiness and harmony by applying correction of energy at a basic level to empower with effective remedies. Thanks to Vastu 75% of present houses and offices don’t require any kind of havoc reconstruction or demolition. Vastu helps you get the benefit with small modifications only. This brings in a major effect on your life styles.

One can correct the defects of Vastu by making small changes in the house interiors or the application of color of harmony in room. Simple changes in placement, regulation and finding remedies can solve the issues. Every defect of Vastu provides with remedy with Vastu energy only to restore peace and happiness back to life. Vastu balances the cosmic power with energies of men working or residing in a premise by making small modification in placement. This ensures that there is a material, spiritual and physical balance of life. You get a better living with the Vastu assurance of balanced rhythm in atmosphere. One can get simple and helpful remedies like Pyramids of Vastu, Crystals for healing, helix, Yantras etc from online site

Points to follow when you get house, home or apartment:

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  • The house owner’s success, luck and prospect depend on the location of the main entrance door.
  • Placement of Puja Room for tranquility.
  • Fate of the owner of the house is determined by his surroundings.
  • House shape is important as irregularity in shape leads to fault in Vastu.
  • Placement of master bedroom, living rooms, guest room and room for kids.
  • Where to keep kitchen and what should be the arrangement? Correct kitchen set up brings wealth in family.
  • Electronic items like T.V Computer, heaters etc location.
  • Toilet location is directly related to the general health of family.
  • Colors spreading positive energy and vibrant are to be chosen for interiors
  • Higher and Lower zone direction.
  • Arrangements done internally in a room.
  • Staircase location of personal home.
  • Plantation and gardens.
  • Decoration of home with paintings.
  • Positive energy flow at home for prosperity and peace maintenance.
  • Vastu has 100 or more factors that can be considered apart from above.
  • Any location or placement needs consideration

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